What kind of dog is Misty?

Misty is a mix as far as we know. We think she is mainly a German Short-hair Pointer. Part gypsy. Part trash eater. Part chipmunk chaser and one-fifth unicorn.

Where did you get Misty from?

Misty is a southerner through and through. More on that here and here.

Any tips for getting your dog to stay with you when hiking?

This is a tough one. We were pretty lucky with Misty as she generally likes to stay with us and she has been that way from the get go. Before Misty I had a dog that just couldn't be trusted loose. As a general rule of thumb for Misty we tend to: keep her within eye sight, if the trail is super busy keep her leashed, and call her back frequently so that she is is aware we are all together.

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Is this your full time job?

I wish! Mainly being outdoors is my full time passion, but rarely gets to actually full time 'cept for a few weeks a year. I started blogging mainly because it has always been my dream to write and photograph for the outdoor industry. Since National Geographic isn't exactly knocking on my door- I had to start my own little niche in the outdoor industry and I've been lovin' it ever since.

How long have you been biking?

Ummmm...always a hard question because I've been biking my whole life, mountain biking for anywheres between 10-15 years, road biking for 5 ish, and riding bikes backwards for roughly 10 years. Does that answer your question?