I learned to love the outdoors by chasing my brothers through the woods with a self made bow and arrow. Later I followed them to boy scout adventure camp and found that I could be just as good at backpacking, mountain biking, and canoeing. Since then I’ve been getting lost in the woods, finding my dog who is lost in the woods, or basically trying to get lost in the woods at least everyday.

B is for Betty- right?

I play outside. That’s just what I do. Sometimes I race other people who are out on the trail, but they don’t always know that we are racing.

Some of the sports I love, but I am always taking on more: kayaking, mountain biking, canoeing, camping, hiking, backpacking, juggling, frisbee, whiffleball, kickball, dancing in my living room.

Guilty Confession: I one time spilled a giant container of duck sauce on our carpet, and told my boyfriend he did it when he was drunk.

Wind in my hair
mud on my legs
swimming holes

wet grass when wearing sandles
slugs on the tent in the morning
panty hose

eating chips and salsa
getting lost
finding perfect pets